Crossroads provides the following specialised centre based services:


Our specially trained staff provide workshops on the following:
- Coping with Overwhelming Feelings
- Improving Communication
- Handling Difficult People/Situations
- Coping with Emotional Pain
- Dealing with Anger
- Maintaining Self Esteem
and many more.

Regular groups: Groups that meet regularly at Crossroads include:

- University of The Third Age - French and History groups

- The Fabulous Women's Book Club

- Women's Friendship Group

- Scrabble Group

- AlAnon

These groups use our meeting room and facilities to conduct their business and we are always looking for more groups to set up.

Domestic and family violence:
If you are struggling with abuse in your life, we can offer counselling, support groups and workshops to assist you with single or multiple abuse issues. These issues might include:
- Domestic violence
- Incest
- Mother Abuse (independent / adult children abusing their mother)
- Child Abuse and
- Sexual Assault
Individual counselling, parenting counselling and play therapy for parents and their children is also available at Crossroads for children who have witnessed or experienced violence and abuse and all is provided by our trained and experienced staff.

Parenting programs - the parenting programs we are able to run include:

- PARKAS (Parents are responsible, kids are safe)
- Circle of Security
- The Incredible Years
- 1-2-3 Magic and
- Bringing up Great Kids

Work development orders -assistance with government fines:

Do you have outstanding government fines that you are struggling to pay? Are you disadvantaged? We can help. If you are prepared to engage with one of the following activities we may be able to help you to reduce your fines:

- Counselling

- Volunteer work

- Rehabilitation

- Mentoring

- Educational, vocational or life skills courses

Energy bills assistance:

For anyone in the local community who is genuinely struggling with their energy bills due to a multitude of reasons such as; illness, recent unemployment, unexpected financial outgoings, the rising cost of living for disadvantaged Australian families etc. Crossroads may be able to help. We are a registered provider of E.A.P.A vouchers and may be able to assist you with paying your energy bill

Tax help:

Every year at tax time Crossroads engages an external provider to help local individuals with their tax returns. If its that time of year again please feel free to get in touch and ask for some help.